Monday, June 29, 2009


phew, very long unplanned break in posting there kids! in the last couple of weeks, i have finished uni, been working full time & been sick for the good part of a week. how exciting!

the above photo is from the time traveler's wife movie which is due out towards the end of the year, but i'm not going to see it because the book is my absolute favourite & it could only ruin it for me. not to mention eric bana is epically miscast, as per usual.

i do love this photo though.

world enough and time

if you haven't read it i suggest you get your hands on a copy asap, it is amazing. i have read it at least 5 times, probably closer to 10.


oops_pig said...

I cried during the book (both readings), I cried during the trailer and I'm going to cry in the movie.

I hate Eric Bana, but I want to see it anyway, just because the trailer is so epically amazing.

Bambola said...

hahaha "kids"

we MISSED YOU!!! Love the picture! && I will most definitely take the book from you between readings!

=) xx

Bambola said...

I saw the trailer - there's about a 0.5% chance I will watch the film in my lifetime. Why would you want to put yourself through that!?


mademoiselleglitter said...

it is a great book! i've read it twice!