Sunday, May 24, 2009

i heart: disney.

i picked these up randomly in the supermarket- cute or what!
i really don't like this whole "disney princess" thing they've got going on now we're they're all in fancy dresses etc. blech.

ariel has always been my favourite, followed by belle & then snow white (does she have name?).
i've never liked cinderella (probably because she was blonde, haha) nor sleeping beauty.
(& alice is totally not a disney character, whatever my sister may think!)


Bambola said...

I think I liked Belle the most. They're all so sweet & adorable.

*** said...

Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite followed by Ariel. These are cute.

Dane said...

Hahaha.. yes yes Alice is not a Disney character, but she is my favorite character ever. If Id have to choose between those 4, I would probably choose Ariel. Shes a bit of a renegade, I like that.

Em said...

YAY Cindy & Snow! That was her name, Snow White. Her mummy was sewing next to an open window and when her finger was pricked, the blood dripped on the snow. She asked for a daughter with lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony and skin white as snow! JEEEZZZ AMANDA!