Monday, March 2, 2009

a little bit of randomness

loving the jewellery here. i actually had my hair cut like this last year too.

hands down my favourite photo of the two of them, fashion-wise.

my all-time, favourite photo of ashley ever. & i've seen a lot.

i apologise for the lack of posts, uni is taking over my life at the moment, but hopefully once i've settled in a bit i'll have more time to blog :)


Bambola said...

Yeah, she always looks good. I can't get the "I've got a stylist who makes me look this homeless" look.

Loving the new blog sweetheart =) x

R. said...

Although I still don't "get" the Mary-Kate and Ashley obsession that all the style blogs seem to have, I do have long hair envy whenever I see shots of them (even when they're doing the psuedo-messy-homeless thing). I could never get my hair that long and thick and shiny... sigh!


amanda said...

bambola - *sigh* me either. thanks gorgeous :) always nice to hear.

R. - oh god, i LOVE them. i find their style a bit hit & miss at the moment, but 1-2 years ago they were just constantly amazing.

Tara said...

I love them! You have totally converted me. I will have to go and get a copy of their book now :)

amanda said...

tara - YAY! part of my life's mission is complete :D the book is pretty fantastic