Tuesday, February 17, 2009

addicted to animal things

i've had this photo saved on my hard drive for around 6-8 months, & clearly those were what i had in mind when i bought these.. completely unconsciously.


could this be any more awesome? i'm in love.

the animal song ;) couldn't resist


Bambola said...


That giraffe thing is a spin out! & the tea pot is adddooooooorrrrable!

=) xx

amanda said...

hee, that was the one i was telling you about! & remember the giraffe one we saw in the window of the pharmacy near your place? i went back & checked the price... $75!!!!! so clearly i got a HUGE bargain at $15 :)))

Ali-bell said...

ohh giraffes are my favourite animals! I have quite a few pieces of giraffe jewellery and clothing : D

Anonymous said...

ahhhh i want that teapot!!

Anonymous said...

The teapot is the cutest thing Ive maybe ever seen, except for you.