Sunday, February 15, 2009

i'm loving

this photo is perfection.

spent the evening going through lena's blog.

getting so much inspiration, & between this & gossip girl i'm starting to crave winter + tights + boots... nooo! as soon as winter hits i start craving summer again :S


Bambola said...

OMG! Uh-MAY-Zing! Love that lace top bit! Must try something like this!

Ali-bell said...

I'm the same with craving seasons... and it's so funny to read on EVERY blog 'oh I can't wait for winter I love winter clothes SO much more!' then a couple of months later, guess what, they love summer best. haha.

R. said...

Oh oh what happened to the feminist poetry post? I had a similiarly themed poem to share with you for it!


P.S. Even I, Little Miss Loves The Summer And Hates The Winter, is looking forward to coloured tights, boots and chunky-knit scarves again :p

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the ring? It's GORGEOUS! I am all about the details :)