Tuesday, February 10, 2009

soon to be mine

do i need blue shoes? no.
but do i want them? oh yes.
decisions decisions.

& these are the perfect oxfords. it's love.

readers, you may be thinking i have a problem, given the amount of shoes that have already featured on this blog in 10 or so posts.

& you would be correct. i do.
but oh what a lovely addiction to have :)


Ida said...

I love the blue ones. They would look perfect with a LBD, no?

amanda said...

ida- my thoughts exactly! the colour is just perfect.

oops_pig said...

Oh. I want the blue ones. And the last black ones. Where, may I ask, are you procuring these from?

Actually... don't tell me. I'll want to go out and buy them.

amanda said...

hee. the last two are tony bianco, same style in different colours. marie clare in claremont is the only place i've seen them in the flesh, but they only have the suede black :( i just about died when i went in there the other day. you should go :) haha. they are like 50x more stunning once they're on your feet.

oops_pig said...