Thursday, April 16, 2009

things i like: cute girls with noserings.


Sharina said...

Cute pictures!! :) Noserings are hot! If only I had the guts. unfortunately, i have a low threshold for pain :|

Bambola said...


May I have one please??

Faves are the first one, the girl driving && the one after that (are they the same person?)

Dane said...

I really want a stud but everyone around me says noooo! Those girls are super cute with their little rings.

Anonymous said...

i think i would look so dumb with a nose ring... what do you think? cause these girls look hot!

Tash said...

Yay, a nose ring appreciator. I'm feeling the love!

I've had a sleeper in my nose for seven years now and sometimes I still get sucked in when some person on the street tells me I have something on my face. Mostly because I make a mess when I eat. Ha.

@Dane I would say go for it since getting your nose pierced is so cheap nowadays. Just make sure it's a sleeper while it's healing as air circulates more easily and it'll heal faster. And if you don't like it, you can take it out within the first six weeks and it'll hardly leave a scar.

I'm so stoked to find this post. :D